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soft lighting

Soft fabric light with conductive thread

SaloneSatellite 2015

One of Soft - embroidaly- 2015

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collacorated with Jia Wu & Chuan Ma

ambient light which is shown at exhibition 2015

The Book Light 2007

foldable LED light

Selected as a editor choice & invited exhibition in 2008

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Bimbi SKY 2014

100 % recycled cardboard made children chair

Selected for "Temporary Museum for New Design" at Milano Design Week 2014

Bimbi plain 2013

100 % recycled cardboard made children chair

Living & Design 2013

 A0 chair

Children furniture 

Children furniture (2003&2017)

Cushion made educatioanal children furniture

New collection will be available in 2017
(Salone Satelite 2003)

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